In celebration of the first build of demo being released, I would like to talk about an ambitious path that I’ve decided to pursue with Project Helix.

Traditionally speaking, retro JRPGs typically always have a world map. It’s a nice handy system that saves a lot of time by reducing the amount of maps that developers need to draw. Originally, I have planned to use the same system for Project Helix. However, this past month of designing Helix have given me the confidence to pursue an alternative, which is an open world system that allows players to physically go wherever they want.

Take the two below image for example.

The top image is what the part of the world map looks like, and the bottom image is what the actual map looks like after being converted from world map into an actual physical map.

Here is another example

These two maps took me around 2 hours each to convert. However, the process should be much much faster as I become more experienced in drawing maps. And yes, I manually drew both maps. Damn proud of it as I am artistically handicapped.

And this is the part of the world map that is converted.

With this system, the overall game experience is going to provide the player with a much more adventurous feel to it. It also allows me an easier time to add contents to various places. Travelling will no longer be dull (I hope…) and for players who love exploration, this will definitely satisfy their needs. I think this is going to be the right direction for Project Helix.

Here is a video that demonstrates the map highlighted above which also happens to give an idea of how long it is from Kagure Forest to Ismael.

I’ll try to keep up with more posts that discusses some mechanical aspects of the demo in the next few days.

Until then, thanks for reading!



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