Battle Mechanic Update

I’ve officially decided to revamp how defense and armor is going to work in Project Helix.

Taking a look at the equipment screen, you can see that it now includes Evasion and Hit value. As I have explained before, Hit and Evasion works in a very straightforward manner. The value of your hit minus the opponent’s evasion is equal to the chance of your character landing a hit. If your hit is 111% and your enemy’s evasion is 21%, then you have a 90% chance of hitting.

The third new value is PDR, which is short for Physical Defense Rate. How this number works is that the final damage you will take from physical attacks will be multiplied by this rate before being applied to your character. If an enemy do 100 physical damage to you and you have a PDR of 90%, then you will only take 90 damage.

This screenshot shows that casual clothes provides 5% PDR, which is also shown on the screen that displays the stat changes from equipment change.

test1, test2, and test3 are all items that provides 10% PDR. However, upon closer inspection one will notice that the PDR is not 70%, but is 72% instead. This is because PDR from various sources are accumulated in a multiplicative manner as opposed to an additive one. To make a simpler, think 100% x .90 x .90 x .90. This kind of diminishing return will allow the developer to better balance the game. If this mechanics operated in an additive manner, then the game is easily broken as soon as the players reach 100% reduction.

This mechanic operates independently of the Defense stat. Defense stat will reduce damage by the fixed number as per before, while the PDR will further reduce the damage by a percentage. Armors and Items will provide PDR defense while character growth will provide the Point Defense. Players that are familiar with Ragnarok Online will quickly recognize that this is exactly how RO’s combat mechanics work, and indeed that is the inspiration for this change.

There will likely be a similar stat for Magic Defense Rate as well but I have not finished coding it yet. Chances are though, it will be added in the near future, so that some armors will provide PDR while others MDR.

This mechanic is made possible by Yanfly’s Equipment Manager as well as Blackmorning84’s addon script that displays the X-parameters and the SP-Parameters.

On a side note, the progress on Ismael has officially begun. Basic NPCs have already been placed throughout the town and the mansion, an important location for the next main plot as well as a Pub/Inn has already been drew. While I do have to start spending more and more time on my studies, I plan on finding whatever time I can to work on Helix. #dedication.

Some people have already started trying out Helix for me as well, and I must thank you all for your continuous support and overwhelming encouragement. This project, while not for profit, means a lot to me.

I will keep updating this blog with mechanic details and current progress whenever I can.

Until then, thank you for reading!




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