Limstella gets a makeover!

Short update today, and it’s mostly regarding aesthetic changes.

As the title suggests, Limstella finally got the sprite/facial picture that she deserves! Not taking anything away from her previous looks, but it had a few problems. The biggest problem of all is that she did not resemble Mira at all. With this new picture, the resemblance is now up there.

Photo courtesy of  そらまにぶろぐ

Thanks to the beautiful work of 忠藤-さん, Limstella now greatly resembles Mira and this also comes with 8 very well differentiated emotions.

That’s it for now. Ismael is currently 50% done. The complication regarding Ismael stems from the fact that there are too many differentiation in plot from the variables from earlier. I will talk about that in detail in the actual Ismael post.

Until then, thank you for reading!


P.S. I highly suggest visiting そらまにぶろぐ to check out 忠藤-さん’s amazing designs. Her works are clean, unique and elegant, one of the best VX Ace resource I’ve seen!


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