Your choice matters.

I’d like to demonstrate the design process behind some of the “choices” present within Project Helix.

I use a primitive excel sheet to plan any major choice and the outcomes based on the choices. The picture is fairly straightforward and once put in game, it will resemble something along the lines of :


Like I said before, these choices will have bearings on a lot of future events and I would recommend all players to choose the choice that makes the most sense to them, as opposed to the choice that leads to the greatest reward. I think it’s a very interesting thing to see how the choices you make early on in game will change your game experience later on.

The default engine for RPG VX Ace have a rather simple choice options. These choice options have been made more versatile by the wonderful scripts from Himeworks which allows more options on the screen as well as the choice to hide or grey out any option based on conditions.

Short update today once again, busy finishing up Ismael and studying. Will try to finish up Ismael soon and write a full update post.

Until then, thank you for reading!



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