Overworld Map Update

I have done what I could with the world map and I think so far it’s turning out okay.

The maps themselves are actually a lot more massive than this picture indicates, and the best part is that the entirety of this region is accessible as soon as Mira leaves Kagure Forest! This means the players would have a choice of whether to pursuit the main event by going straight to Ismael, or explore the different areas that this specific region of Perkele has to offer!

Speaking of exploration, here is the first level of the “mega dungeon” that I am currently designing.

This dungeon is located inside the tunnel of the giant plateau seen in the map above. Once players enter the tunnel, they would have the ability to navigate up and down levels as well as going out at various levels to explore the hill outside. It is rather hard to describe by words so I will make a video demonstration when the entire thing is completed.

Until then, thank you for reading!



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