Shop Scene Upgrade

Thanks to Galv’s Shop Upgrade script as well as Tsukihime’s help in fixing and customizing the script for Project Helix, the shop scene has received a significant graphical upgrade.

The shop scene now includes a portrait picture of the shop keeper. This can be setup to change depending on which shop the player is accessing.

The PDR as discussed before, can be interpreted as “Physical damage taken”. As shown in the picture, -55% has a green arrow going up displayed to indicate that it is an improvement over the gear equipped. This may be quite confusing to players so precautions need to be taken to address this issue in game so that players fully comprehend how PDR works. -55% PDR literally translates to “Reduce Physical Damage Taken by 55%”.

The script also comes with the “Item Detail” function. By clicking D on a certain item, the item’s expanded parameters will be displayed, showing any stat changes the equipment provides.

Shop keeper image, shop background, the things shopkeeper says as well as shopping display window can all be altered due to the flexible nature of Galv’s script that allows for great amount of customizations.

The script also provides a wide scope of other functions as well. The original RPG VX Ace shop is extremely primitive. Galv’s script adds the function of allowing shops to have Stocks. Settings can be made to have items that have limited stocks, as well as restock those items at certain time intervals. Merchants can also be set up so that they will receive the stock of whatever players sell them and players will have the options of rebuying the item at a later date. All in all, it is a wonderful script by Galv and great thanks to Tsukihime from Hime Works for the script support provided.

I have mainly been working on finalizing the codes used in the game, after which no new codes will be added to the game. While custom scripts are powerful and convenient, it may also bring compatibility issues. My plan is to finalize the scripts for the project as soon as I can. After that, I will work more on contents. In the next few days I’ll be mostly talking about the different scripts I have been implementing.

Until then, thank you for reading!



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