Preview: Revamped Active Battle Gauge

Active Battle Gauge has been streamlined into one gauge for all enemy and ally characters. The new gauge is positioned on the top right and will show how close each character is to their next action. This will hopefully end the woe of having that annoying ATB bar below each individual enemy and having it block a lot of the images and user interface. In the video, you will also see a slight preview of the newly updated version of Kagure Forest. I have been working on revamping the Kagure Forest and thus far I am fairly happy with the result. I’ll be going over the changes in details in the next couple of days as I finish up the update.

Until then, thanks for reading!



Map Preview: River Forest

This is the alpha version of a new map I am working on. Several of the location within the forest has been intentionally left blank for future uses.  This forest is located on the west of Ismael and the desert, and will likely be opened for exploration right after Kagure Forest is completed.

Overall, this map still needs a lot more work but I am quite happy with how it turned out so far. Hopefully we can add some interesting things in there in the future.

I’ve also been working on several battle mechanics regarding the characters but I will discuss that in a future date.

Until then, thank you for reading!