Update on the game

So, I’ve got some good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad ones over with first.

The release of the tech demo prologue will be delayed. While unfortunate, I think it is necessary. I have recently commissioned a title for the game as well as finalized the name of the project. I plan on having that logo in the prologue release so that’s part of the reason behind the delay.

The good news is that this will give me time to put in more contents for the prologue. I have already added more contents, both optional and main plot, into the game. I imagine everyone will be quite happy with the end result.

Still, I apologize for the delay and I will be working my hardest to deliver the demo.

Thanks for reading!



Random Drop Testing and updates


Just a quick update on the progress of the same. Most of the resource and time is currently being devoted to the production of a demo. The demo will not be a complete representation of the finished product, but will instead serve to demonstrate several technical aspect of what people can expect from the game. It will showcase how various custom scripts interact with eac hother as well as give an idea of the overall feel of the game. Release date is currently still aimed towards the end of this month but a slight delay is possible. We will see.

Here is a random drop video I’ve quickly compiled today.

You will notice that the quality of the video has gone up drastically. That is because I’ve finally stopped using BorderlessGaming in conjunction with xsplit, which was a disaster, and switched to Camtasia. I still can’t record in full screen mode because DirectDraw is apparently 2hipster4everyone. But with Camtasia, I am able to record the windowed gameplay and just resize the video into the appropriate 16:9 aspect ratio.

The random drop utilized in the video is a combination of Falcao’s Interactive System and Vlue’s Sleek Item Pickup. They work well with one another and looks and feels quite pleasant. Opening chest around the jungle at times may get boring, so sometimes a variation of methods to obtaining items may be necessary. This script will not be limited to only slashing bushes. It is flexible in the sense that it may be utilized for rock breaking, jar shattering, as well as other methods of breaking something and looting. The eventing is simple as well. A variable is set to random between two numbers, and all I have to do is merely setup the conditional branch that switches to various self switch depending on the random variable. Each individual page of event, based on the self swich, will yield different items, or sometimes no item at all.

One problem right now with the script is that when an item spawn, the animation of the leafs will fly up along with the item, because the animation is locked to the event, which is the item. I have no work around for that at this point in time, but I don’t think it’s jarring enough to disrupt the flow of the game.

Falcao’s Interactive System has several very interesting mechanics in it, including hookshots, flamethrowers, pick/throw/push systems. I currently have no plans of implementing all these options, but perhaps in the future. If you are a RPG Maker dev using ACE, I strongly recommend checking out his scripts.

That is all for now, hopefully the demo will be out on time… X_x

Thanks for reading!


Light Effects

So I have been messing around with Khas’ Awesome Light Script, and here is the preliminary test result.

It’s an immensely powerful script once you get the hang of it as it specifies events as light source and draws on a layer of surface that is, in all intents and purposes, a tint. I’d say give it a try, and Khas has kindly provided a detailed demo for anyone that is not familiar with scripting.

A quick update on the progress of the game. In this test, you can see that I have added Yanfly’s Gab Window¬†script. I am planning to use these pop ups for some of the less important messages and party banters throughout the course of the game. I think it adds to the production of the game without being overly disruptive.

Also in the demo today is the new and improved town of Thalassa. The former town of Thalassa has been split into two parts, the town and the castle courtyard. What you see in the demo is the town part, and the courtyard part will compose of the castle from before as well as barracks, a garden and other goodies.

I am working really hard to try to get a playable prologue out before the end of the month, but I am not sure how feasible that is. I will try though!

Thanks for reading!


Map Overlays

Lately, I’ve started running into a recurring problem while drawing maps. It would seem that no matter how hard I try to differentiate, all forests were beginning to look the same.

To counteract this issue, I first looked into the tileset resources. I’ve found that there are multiple high quality tilesets of trees and nature by various contributors such as Ayene, Celianna and Ying. I begun using these trees in some of my maps but it still felt like something was missing. While doing the research, I came by the concept of Overlay Picture on maps. With this little trick, I was able to create overlapping images by putting a PNG file edited in Paint.net directly onto the map. The result can be viewed here

My apologies as I seem to have forgot to turn off my mic for the recording so I replaced the sound with a classical music. Will not happen again! Also, due to Xspllit being incapable of detecting and capturing full screen RPG Maker games, I had to use borderless gaming to capture it so the graphics is a bit more jarring than usual. As you can see, this is only a demonstration of what this technique can do to a map. I will try to hone my skills at map creation as I go to make sure that every map have a different flavor.

I have added a comparison of a map with and without the overlay. I think there is a significant difference.

This is the original map

And this is the map after I’ve added in an overlay of trees.

It’s definitely a lot more effort, but #worthit!

Thanks for reading!


Updates on Project Helix

Hi there everyone! I am back!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I have been spending a lot of time on Helix and find that it is far more productive to spend time on the development than writing on a blog that no one seems to read anyways. Still, I will update as much as I can to give a sense of progression if not only to myself.

Now, formalities aside, let’s talk about what I have been doing. I realized the opening sequence with Thalassa was very poorly done (Admittedly, it was my first RPG Maker project so naturally it was going to be primitive.) A lot of extra contents have been added to Thalassa to prolong the plot there to around 2 to 3 hours. The plot point and the first plot twist have also been dramatically changed to improve upon the suspension of disbelief.

In the script area, I have recently been looking at a lot of Himeworks and AtelierRGSS resources. Their two websites are literally goldmines for any aspiring RPG Maker developer and I would highly suggest paying them a visit if you’re looking for a script. Chances are, they have an even better one than you envisioned. I’ve made several demo boss battles that I hope to show in the near future, with unique boss mechanics and such.

One challenge I have been running into is the lack of monster sprites. As I have mentioned before, I made the decision to remove random encounter altogether and have the enemy appear on map so that it triggers if it touches the player character. Now, that’s all nice and all for the presentation and atmosphere of the game but I find myself looking for a particular sprite at every corner. It is actually quite hard because everyone LOVES to draw dragons, vampires and all the epic end game monsters but there are little interests to draw things like a beetle, typical animals and less threatening adversaries. I am currently using a lot of placeholders for sprites but will probably need eventually contract a sprite drawer to draw them for me. (Should’ve made a zombie game. So many zombie sprites out there!)

Reporting from an aesthetic point of view, I have recently acquired multiple tilesets for trees, forests and general plants. They are looking very promising and I can finally make different forest appear differently! Joy! Credits to Celianna and Mack of course, for their wonderful creations.

Next up is setting. I have completed the first draft of a background event to the story. It’s the first draft so there are bound to be a lot of spelling mistakes and such. It would be nice to get some feedback but that being said, no one really comes here anyway so good luck with that, me. Here is a direct link to the new setting material, The Primal War.

Anyway, that’s about that. If you somehow read all this, you have my sincerest thanks for reading and following Project Helix!