Updates on Project Helix

Hi there everyone! I am back!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I have been spending a lot of time on Helix and find that it is far more productive to spend time on the development than writing on a blog that no one seems to read anyways. Still, I will update as much as I can to give a sense of progression if not only to myself.

Now, formalities aside, let’s talk about what I have been doing. I realized the opening sequence with Thalassa was very poorly done (Admittedly, it was my first RPG Maker project so naturally it was going to be primitive.) A lot of extra contents have been added to Thalassa to prolong the plot there to around 2 to 3 hours. The plot point and the first plot twist have also been dramatically changed to improve upon the suspension of disbelief.

In the script area, I have recently been looking at a lot of Himeworks and AtelierRGSS resources. Their two websites are literally goldmines for any aspiring RPG Maker developer and I would highly suggest paying them a visit if you’re looking for a script. Chances are, they have an even better one than you envisioned. I’ve made several demo boss battles that I hope to show in the near future, with unique boss mechanics and such.

One challenge I have been running into is the lack of monster sprites. As I have mentioned before, I made the decision to remove random encounter altogether and have the enemy appear on map so that it triggers if it touches the player character. Now, that’s all nice and all for the presentation and atmosphere of the game but I find myself looking for a particular sprite at every corner. It is actually quite hard because everyone LOVES to draw dragons, vampires and all the epic end game monsters but there are little interests to draw things like a beetle, typical animals and less threatening adversaries. I am currently using a lot of placeholders for sprites but will probably need eventually contract a sprite drawer to draw them for me. (Should’ve made a zombie game. So many zombie sprites out there!)

Reporting from an aesthetic point of view, I have recently acquired multiple tilesets for trees, forests and general plants. They are looking very promising and I can finally make different forest appear differently! Joy! Credits to Celianna and Mack of course, for their wonderful creations.

Next up is setting. I have completed the first draft of a background event to the story. It’s the first draft so there are bound to be a lot of spelling mistakes and such. It would be nice to get some feedback but that being said, no one really comes here anyway so good luck with that, me. Here is a direct link to the new setting material, The Primal War.

Anyway, that’s about that. If you somehow read all this, you have my sincerest thanks for reading and following Project Helix!



6 thoughts on “Updates on Project Helix

    • Absolutely, that would be fantastic! You’re absolutely correct on the art part. Due to the game utilizing the “on-map” encounter system, the sprite requirements are extremely demanding. Also, I am literally brain-dead when it comes to artistic talents. But yes, if you could spread the words, that would be great. You’ve already provided me with most of the scripts I need too. Thank you so much!

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