Map Overlays

Lately, I’ve started running into a recurring problem while drawing maps. It would seem that no matter how hard I try to differentiate, all forests were beginning to look the same.

To counteract this issue, I first looked into the tileset resources. I’ve found that there are multiple high quality tilesets of trees and nature by various contributors such as Ayene, Celianna and Ying. I begun using these trees in some of my maps but it still felt like something was missing. While doing the research, I came by the concept of Overlay Picture on maps. With this little trick, I was able to create overlapping images by putting a PNG file edited in directly onto the map. The result can be viewed here

My apologies as I seem to have forgot to turn off my mic for the recording so I replaced the sound with a classical music. Will not happen again! Also, due to Xspllit being incapable of detecting and capturing full screen RPG Maker games, I had to use borderless gaming to capture it so the graphics is a bit more jarring than usual. As you can see, this is only a demonstration of what this technique can do to a map. I will try to hone my skills at map creation as I go to make sure that every map have a different flavor.

I have added a comparison of a map with and without the overlay. I think there is a significant difference.

This is the original map

And this is the map after I’ve added in an overlay of trees.

It’s definitely a lot more effort, but #worthit!

Thanks for reading!



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