Light Effects

So I have been messing around with Khas’ Awesome Light Script, and here is the preliminary test result.

It’s an immensely powerful script once you get the hang of it as it specifies events as light source and draws on a layer of surface that is, in all intents and purposes, a tint. I’d say give it a try, and Khas has kindly provided a detailed demo for anyone that is not familiar with scripting.

A quick update on the progress of the game. In this test, you can see that I have added Yanfly’s Gab Window script. I am planning to use these pop ups for some of the less important messages and party banters throughout the course of the game. I think it adds to the production of the game without being overly disruptive.

Also in the demo today is the new and improved town of Thalassa. The former town of Thalassa has been split into two parts, the town and the castle courtyard. What you see in the demo is the town part, and the courtyard part will compose of the castle from before as well as barracks, a garden and other goodies.

I am working really hard to try to get a playable prologue out before the end of the month, but I am not sure how feasible that is. I will try though!

Thanks for reading!



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