Random Drop Testing and updates


Just a quick update on the progress of the same. Most of the resource and time is currently being devoted to the production of a demo. The demo will not be a complete representation of the finished product, but will instead serve to demonstrate several technical aspect of what people can expect from the game. It will showcase how various custom scripts interact with eac hother as well as give an idea of the overall feel of the game. Release date is currently still aimed towards the end of this month but a slight delay is possible. We will see.

Here is a random drop video I’ve quickly compiled today.

You will notice that the quality of the video has gone up drastically. That is because I’ve finally stopped using BorderlessGaming in conjunction with xsplit, which was a disaster, and switched to Camtasia. I still can’t record in full screen mode because DirectDraw is apparently 2hipster4everyone. But with Camtasia, I am able to record the windowed gameplay and just resize the video into the appropriate 16:9 aspect ratio.

The random drop utilized in the video is a combination of Falcao’s Interactive System and Vlue’s Sleek Item Pickup. They work well with one another and looks and feels quite pleasant. Opening chest around the jungle at times may get boring, so sometimes a variation of methods to obtaining items may be necessary. This script will not be limited to only slashing bushes. It is flexible in the sense that it may be utilized for rock breaking, jar shattering, as well as other methods of breaking something and looting. The eventing is simple as well. A variable is set to random between two numbers, and all I have to do is merely setup the conditional branch that switches to various self switch depending on the random variable. Each individual page of event, based on the self swich, will yield different items, or sometimes no item at all.

One problem right now with the script is that when an item spawn, the animation of the leafs will fly up along with the item, because the animation is locked to the event, which is the item. I have no work around for that at this point in time, but I don’t think it’s jarring enough to disrupt the flow of the game.

Falcao’s Interactive System has several very interesting mechanics in it, including hookshots, flamethrowers, pick/throw/push systems. I currently have no plans of implementing all these options, but perhaps in the future. If you are a RPG Maker dev using ACE, I strongly recommend checking out his scripts.

That is all for now, hopefully the demo will be out on time… X_x

Thanks for reading!



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