Dev Log #4

I’d like to quickly go over the title of the project today.

Awhile ago, I’ve decided to start a Rpg Maker project, and decided to name it Project Helix, named after a certain fossilized Pokemon.

My interest with it quickly grew to a point where I simply must finish the game I envision it to be. After a few months, It occurred to me that it needed an actual name.

Naming a game is relatively difficult and a lot went into the thought process for this particular name. Eventually, I’ve reached the decision of naming this game Event Horizon.

This is a WIP design of the title logo by yolichan and I think she did a fabulous job capturing the essence of the project.

A rather short post today because I am feeling unwell, I’ll try to post more tomorrow. And I hope no one is offended by these dev log spam.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again!



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