Dev Log #6

Today let’s take a look at a couple of the maps of the first forest encountered in the game.

This is the entrance map to the forest. Some of the trees here are scattered to provide room for players to navigate through. Hiding loots and monsters under the trees would be a definitely possibility! Players will still know that there are monsters and items when they are close enough due to the proximity alert I have in place.

Deeper into the forest, there is an abandoned mine. I admit it may be a little cliché but in the context of the overall plot, this mine is actually quite important! Also, I think the presence of the mine might be a welcome sight to the players since by this time, I’d assume they would be bored of the color green.

Deeper into the jungle, there is a flower bed. What is it for? Hmm, hard to say. It can be utilized as a variety of things. Shrine/grave to a fallen hero? Dwelling of a magical beast? Or a place where treasures are hidden? We are limited only by our imaginations when it comes to game development.

The forest is of course, a lot bigger than just these 3 maps. These are just a preview of the forest. The actual forest is probably at least 3x bigger than what is shown here.

Credit goes to Ayene, IceDragon and Celianna for the wonderful tiles!

That’s it today. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around soon!



2 thoughts on “Dev Log #6

  1. Flower bed evidently becomes the centre of your world.

    Your game suddenly becomes a three-part trilogy. At the end of the first game, the heroine disappears and everyone is sad. At the beginning of the second game she finds that she has teleported through space-time to a parallel world and awakes in something that looks like the flower bed.

    Research shows that the flower bed is in fact sitting on top of a dimension rift that allows you to travel to different dimensions.

    And the story randomly progresses.

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