Dev Log #7 – Script Corner #1

Going to start a mini-segment in our daily dev logs that specifically covers a script featured in Event Horizon.

Today, we’ll be talking about Himeworks’ Random Event Positions!

As I have covered in the past, this game does not use the generic “step encounter” employed in traditional JRPGs. Instead, for an encounter to start, the monster must made some form of contact with the players. In the case of more passive and peaceful monsters, combat is engaged when the players interact with them.

A problem with this system is that by default, there is no good way of placing the monsters in random locations. The monsters would always be in a specific location and every time the players leave and come back to the same map, the monster would always be at the exact X and Y coordinates. There are ways to use parallel processing and randomized variable to move these monster events but the process is honestly way too tedious to do for every single event.

The Random Event Positions script fixes this problem in the simplest way possible.

By putting the comment : <random position region: x page>, where x is the region tiles, the event will automatically be moved to one of the tiles that is specified as that particular region whenever that page is active.

There are other options in the script that allows for randomizing position at different time frames such as when the event is created or only on the first time the event is loaded.

It is a convenient script that works wonders not only for the monsters spawn locations, but also for other randomized events such as treasure chests, NPCs, etc etc.

I personally find this script to be highly compatible with my other scripts and so far, have had no issues running it with my other scripts. But don’t take my words for it, try it yourself!

You may find more about this particular script as well as other Himeworks scripts at

This script corner will be my way of sharing these wonderful scripts with everyone as well as my personal take and usage on the scripts.

Also, there will be no Dev’s Log in the weekends, so I guess I’ll see you all on Monday!

Once again, thank you for reading!



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