Dev Log #1

I am going to start these mini dev logs where I talk about any new features and updates that have been added to the game. These will mainly be short and concise, but will be made available more frequently than my regular updates.

For today, I would like to showcase the skit system.

This system provides the basis of a lot of character developments in the game. Those who have played the Tales series of Final Fantasy IX would be familiar with this concept. Basically, various events and progressions in the game would trigger a skit event prompt. When the prompt appears on the top right side of the screen, the player can opt to press [S] to enter the skit scene. There would then be a cutscene that details the interaction between party members among other things. The skits loading screen would have the name of the skit on it. In the future, I plan on changing the generic loading screen of each skit to something that might have the chibi version of the characters taking place in the skit to prance around. Would be pretty cute.

One challenge I had implementing this system is disabling the prompt when changing map and keeping the prompt when saving/loading while the prompt is still active. Although challenging for someone with limited experience, I was able to fully realize the system that I envisioned in the beginning. I am fairly happy with the results.

Hopefully, the players will think the same way as well!

That’s it for today, I hope to be doing these dev logs on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you again soon!