Dev Log #12 – Title Screen!

Hey all,

Been a little busy with back end stuff lately so didn’t have the energy to keep up the log X_x.

Progress update! Title screen is now done with the full logo as well as the background, all designed by the talented yolichan of course, as seen below.

The music on the title screen is a piece called 変わってゆく町, which roughly translates to The Changing Town. It is composed by Hurt Records, which provides a lot of  music for commercial and non-commercial use.  They specialize in providing soothing and emotional tracks, I’d say give it a look if you’re looking for some music that is easy on the ears.

Website design is starting real soon, as the contract is just being finalized. I am hoping that the new website’s release will coincide with the first demo, which has admittedly been postponed a lot more than it should. That being said, the reason for these delays are simply to make the game more appealing by improving both the gameplay and the presentation. I am currently in in the process of converting the game into utilizing the side view battle system, much like the older Final Fantasy series. There is a bit of compatibility issues that I need to fix as well as some customizations. All in all, I am hoping that once these technical issues have been resolved, the actual content development will smooth out. I am also talking to several pixel artists regarding the potential of outsourcing the map design aspect of the game. If the price is right, then future maps can be designed by people that actually knows what they’re doing, instead of me ghettoing it out T_T.

But yes, that concludes the quick update.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon!



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