Dev Log #13 Battle System

Apologies for the late update. Been quite busy lately.

I have recently converted to using Yami’s Battle Symphony as the battle system utilized in Event Horizon. As you can see, having the character animation on the screen greatly improves the general presentation during a battle. The battle engine is flexible in defining the action of the actors which allows for great customizability and variation among different skills. This is used in conjunction with Moghunt’s Battle Hud which will be providing the interface as well as the battle menu.

I have a really bad habit of forgetting to update this blog, but I will try my best to roll out new updates on a timely manner.

Right now, I am mostly working on issues regarding the artistic style of the maps. I seem to have went a bit overboard with making the forest, and now all the towns and the cities pales in comparison which creates a consistency gap between the different art styles. It is something I am actively trying to address and something I am spending the majority of my time on.

There are of course, many other changes to the game that has happened in the last month, but I will spread them out in future updates.

For now, thank you for reading!



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