The Primal War

Elandia has been through two impactful events in the past.

The first event is the Primal War. During the Primal War, various states attacked one another and the world is in constant turmoil. Severe discrimination existed and all states abide by roughly the same class system, which holds that the stronger the magick affinity, the higher the position of the individual in the society.

Non-elementalists did not exist at this age in time.  Some historians believe that this was primarily due to the fact that cross-element relationship was strictly forbidden at the time and the offspring of any such union would have been instantly put to death, so the possibility of a non-elementalist growing to adulthood is slim, if not non-existent.  Fear of the consequences would also deter any such union from potentially happening.

Others however, point out that no states had the ability to enforce such a rule to perfection and there had to be exceptions that are able to escape persecution. The absolute lack of any form of record for a non-elementalist can only be explained by the hypothesis that it was simply impossible for them to exist. These historians believe that the offspring of two different magick tribes at the time would have produced an offspring that is capable of manipulating one element of the parents. No general consensus has been reached on which parents’ element the child would inherit. The lack of information on Animas in the records reinforces the hypothesis that Animas did not exist at this time either.

All the states at the time belonged to only one element. This makes sense as cross-element relationship is considered a taboo. States that belonged to the same elements did not necessarily make them allies. Indeed, it was not irregular for nations of the same element to wage war on each other. In fact, some historians believed that same-element invasion happened far more often due to the ease of assimilating the population of the other nation when the war is won. Should they attack a nation of a different element, it creates post-war issues that result in either genocide or mass exile, neither of which was favorable to the victor. Keeping alive the population of a different element is usually associated with slavery that often results in revolts and social disturbances.

The background of the Primal War can be traced to the alliance of four particular nations that each belonged to a different element. They were collectively known as the Gehenna Alliance. The alliance sought to conquer the other nations and establish a unified nation under their flag. Naturally, this was met with extreme resistance from the rest of the nations and ironically, they became the common enemy of everyone else. Fighting multiple wars on different fronts, the Gehenna Alliance slowly loses their footing after a successful early campaign. In their desperation, they came up with a plan, to create an avatar infused with all four elements to overpower their opponents. The creation would not be a mere golem; it would be a being manifested from raw elemental energy. The magick behind the ritual was sound, and they successfully created a sentient being that is capable of causing unprecedented destruction. The being came to be known as the Primal.

Impervious to traditional elemental attacks, the Primal quickly tilted the scale in the favor of Gehenna Alliance. At this time, combatants from both sides observed a strange phenomenon. It seems that the Primal has the ability to absorb elemental essences from his surroundings, be it plant or animals. At first, the Alliance did not pay too much attention to this trait, as it did not inhibit the Primal from carrying out its mission. However, as time goes by, the Alliance realized that their own magick essence was slowly being drained by the Primal. Alarmed by this new development, the Alliance quickly sought a way to shut down the Primal. However, the Primal caught wind of this and struck first. The following week came to be known as the week that the gate of hell opened. Members of the Gehenna Alliance were assimilated one after another by the Primal and his army of elemental monstrosities. The Alliance completely collapsed with most of their senior members ended up death or worse.

After the destruction of the Gehenna Alliance, the Primal turned its gaze towards the rest of the nations. Still under the effect and stress of the war fought with the Gehenna Alliance, these nations offered little resistance to the now immensely powerful Primal and its army. The despair and threat brought forth by the Primal however, served to unify all the remaining elemental nations with one purpose, to destroy the being known as the Primal before it destroys everything. Scholars from various nations gathered and pooled their knowledge and their nations’ resource into developing a way to stop the elemental juggernaut. Their research eventually yielded results, and they were able to formulate a plan. The plan would involve two operations. First, the result of their research, a weapon known only as “The Sundering”, would be utilized against the Primal. This weapon is designed to causing elemental rejection among the elements present within the Primal. Hypothetically, it would force the Primal to split into four weaker forms of each element. The second phase of the operation would involve destroying, or sealing in the case that destroying is not an option, the weakened Primals. One of the biggest strength of the Primal is that it is made up of all four elemental energy, which it is able to utilize as an absolute defense mechanism against the elemental magick of the various nations. However, should they be split into four, then the combined army is able to direct different elemental attacks to the Primal that is vulnerable to that particular element.

During the first part of the operation, “Primal Split”, the allied forces devoted a large portion of their army to draw the attention of the opposing forces which opens up a direct path for a strike team to use “The Sundering” on the Primal. There are no records that mention neither what type of weapon “The Sundering” was nor are there any information pertaining to its creation. The weapon is shrouded in myth to present day historians. Despite the lack of transparency, the weapon worked as intended and successfully broke the Primal into four individual elemental entities. They were later designated as Vestri of the Wind, Belenos of the Flame, Arduinna of the Earth and Vedava of the Water. The “Primal Split” may have also caused a moment of confusion and dazing to the primals, as they were recorded to be confused and did not act in the same manner of the original Primal. This paved the way to the second part of the operation, “Downfall”.

Coincidentally, the location where Belenos formed after the “Primal Split” was surrounded by water elementalists. The barrage of water-based magick proved to be too much for Belenos as he quickly succumbed to the damage. He was said to be “sealed” although the precise method was never detailed in any of the official records.

Vedava and Arduinna also fell in a similar manner. However, due to positioning issues, the earth elementalists were unable to arrive in the vicinity of Vestri on a timely manner. This resulted in Vestri regaining its strength and fought back with an incredibly powerful wind magick that devastated nearby allied forces. When the earth elementalists finally subdued it, Vestri has already destroyed a large portion of the water elementalists near her as well as causing severe damage to everyone else. The sealing of all four elemental primals marked the end of “The Primal War”.

Like in Belenos’ case, the details on the sealing of each primal was not documented.

Aftermath of the war was rather mixed. On one hand, this war brought forth a sense of unity among the warring nations that has never been witnessed before. On the other hand, the friction caused by the postwar recovery eventually led to increased tension that served as the base of the next conflict.

Several issues were well documented. Many of the water nations accused the earth nations of deliberately withholding their magick on Vestri to increase the casualties on the water-elementalists, an accusation that was denied by the earth-elementalists.

The war also gave rise to nations that are made up of members belonging to different elemental affinities. This created the first generation of Non-elementalists, human that are incapable of manipulating any kind of elements. The shock and revelation at the resulting offspring of two different elements caused many of the leading class to forbid interelemental relationships.

Remnants of the Gehenna Alliance were treated as worthless prisoners. The allied forces blame them for the chaos they brought to this world, and the remaining member of Gehenna Alliance were subjected to torture, inhumane treatment and humiliation.  Eventually, they were exiled to the East with no resources. A lot died of starvation and disease, but the ones that lived on were eventually able to create their own society. Cursing the magick that brought them to this predicament, they tried to erase all magick from their people through intense interelemental marriages. Before long, they became the first nation in the world that is made up of nearly entirely of non-elementalists. They named their nation Insalam. While typically xenophobic, the Insalam population greatly sympathized with other Non-elementalists and became a haven for non-elementalists to gather and prosper.  While lacking elemental power, the population of Insalam makes up for it with greater unity and national pride.

Meanwhile, non-elementalists were at the bottom of the food chain in the rest of the world. Used largely as slaves, lowly peasants and cannon fodders, the treatment of non-elementalists served as a reminder for anyone who considered a interelemental relationship.

Another linger effect of the Primal War is the elemental army of the primals. While a large majority of the army was defeated by the allied forces, many of them fled the battle after the fall of the primals. The elementals varied in size, intelligence and power. The more intelligent elementals hid away from humans and actively avoided any contacts with them. The more barbaric ones ambushed travelers wherever they can.

There were many other effects of the war, many of them controversial among the historians. One thing that everyone can agree on is that the world was changed forever.


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